Lessons on cello are available for all ages and abilities, as well as lessons in composition and music technology.  I also teach violin, viola, bass and guitar for beginning and intermediate students.  Lessons are $60/hour and are prorated for 30, 45, and occasionally 15 minute lessons depending on the studens age and ability.  If you are not sure what length of time is appropriate, please call or email me for a consultation.

You can see my availability and sign up for lessons here   or  by contacting me at harchanko @ gmail . com (no spaces) or 503-269-3377 (voice or text ok).  Times Monday through Friday other than those listed may be made available on request.

Payment and cancellation- payment is due at the end of each month. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of the lesson to avoid being charged the full cost of the lesson.  Please be sure to register for an account on the scheduling site in order to confirm times and cancel or reschedule.

COVID policy - Lessons are always available with Zoom or FaceTime and remote lessons will remain an option even after COVID restrictions are ended.  During COVID restrictions, in-person lessons may be conducted either outside the studio or inside with open ventilation, masks, and HEPA air filters if allowed by legal requirements.  In-person lesson are not permitted if any party is exhibiting symptoms, testing positive for COVID, not wearing a mask, or otherwise prohinited by any legal requirement.  Access to lesson is limited to the teacher, the student, and one guardian who lives with the student (optional).  All parties must remain masked according to CDC guidelines (visors, sheilds, bandanas, sports buffs and other permiable substances are not allowed).  I currently am fully imunized for COVID-19 but best practices to minimize transmition set by CDC and OHA guidelines are strictly followed.

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